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Gift Suggestions Based On Astrological Signs


SELF-WORTH-DIGEST-ZODIAC-WHEEL-SMThe holiday season is upon us now, along with the daunting task of shopping for our friends, coworkers, and loved ones. Did you draw someone in a Secret Santa, and don’t know them well enough to buy the perfect $10-or-less gift? Or do you simply have no idea what to get for your own family members, even after living with them for years and being blood-related? Well, look no further, as Self-Worth Digest has you covered for well-adjusted suggestions based on their astrological personality type!
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Virgo: What Does Your Astrological Sign Say About Your Health Risks?


Virgo (August 23rd—September 22nd)

Those born under The Virgin are fastidious, precise and intelligent individuals with a near-pathological need for perfection and a consequent proneness for anxiety. Vrigo’s are ruled by the stomach, digestive tract, and abdomen, and combined with this sign’s sensitivity to stress, means that they are more likely to suffer ulcers, gastritis and similar digestive nervous complaints.

Preventative measures for digestive problems suggest a careful diet due to the Virgo’s more delicate constitution, but the obvious affinity for nervousness could leave Virgos vulnerable to coughs, colds and flus. Many Virgos also complain of sleep disorders, such as insomnia. However, Virgo’s are also known to be very proactive about their health already, and learning to address their inherent obsessive behavior may prove more helpful in relieving stress-related ailments.
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