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Gift Suggestions Based On Astrological Signs


SELF-WORTH-DIGEST-ZODIAC-WHEEL-SMThe holiday season is upon us now, along with the daunting task of shopping for our friends, coworkers, and loved ones. Did you draw someone in a Secret Santa, and don’t know them well enough to buy the perfect $10-or-less gift? Or do you simply have no idea what to get for your own family members, even after living with them for years and being blood-related? Well, look no further, as Self-Worth Digest has you covered for well-adjusted suggestions based on their astrological personality type!
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Pisces: What Does Your Astrological Sign Say About Your Health Risks?


Pisces (February 19th—March 20th)

Pisces, the sympathetic dreamer of the astrological signs, is ruled by the feet, liver and lymphatic system. These highly sensitive folk unfortunately live more in their emotions than in rational thinking, which can make them vulnerable to poor choices. This, in turn, can magnify preexisting conditions, particularly if individuals of this sign are given to excessive partying and drinking. Pisces natives are also prone to foot problems and diseases of the skin.

This sign is notorious for caregiving, fantasizing and looking out for the underdog, so it is imperative that Pisceans don’t forget to take care of themselves! As much as they want to care for others, they need to remember that they must also first practice self-care.
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