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5 Bizarre Health & Beauty Tips Used By A-List Actresses


gwyneth-paltrow-eating-banana-weevil-grub-5-bizarre-beauty-tips-self-worth-digest-smCelebrities can be known for their strange, and almost otherworldly grooming habits. Throughout the 80’s, Michael Jackson chose to sleep in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, believing it would lengthen his lifespan. The critically acclaimed singer, songwriter, and actress, Mariah Carey, says she only eats “purple foods”, such as grapes, and eggplants, in order to maintain her dynamite figure.

When cameras are in your face 24 hours a day, it’s only natural to want to look your best, and most celebs will use any means necessary to maintain their fresh-faced good looks. A combination of unlimited income and supernatural levels of vanity fuel their desire to obtain that impossible goal of everlasting youth. Sometimes the methods can be a bit… outlandish, to say the least. Here are the five most peculiar beauty tips A-List Actresses have admitted to using.
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