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Gift Suggestions Based On Astrological Signs


SELF-WORTH-DIGEST-ZODIAC-WHEEL-SMThe holiday season is upon us now, along with the daunting task of shopping for our friends, coworkers, and loved ones. Did you draw someone in a Secret Santa, and don’t know them well enough to buy the perfect $10-or-less gift? Or do you simply have no idea what to get for your own family members, even after living with them for years and being blood-related? Well, look no further, as Self-Worth Digest has you covered for well-adjusted suggestions based on their astrological personality type!
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Aries: What Does Your Astrological Sign Say About Your Health Risks?


Aries (March 21st—April 19th)

At first glance, the expected athleticism and self-assured personality associated with Aries would suggest a rather healthy lifestyle. Known to be natural-born leaders and also the first sign of the zodiac, it comes as no surprise that the head, brain and eyes rule the assertive and independent Aries. Unfortunately, this makes the headstrong Ram liable to suffer headache, chronic migraines, neurological disorders.

Natives born under this sign also have a tendency to work in positions of authority, which can also indicate possible nervous disorders and ailments, particularly in the digestive tract. In addition to this, Aries’ active lifestyle and competitive nature can also cause physical injury due to reckless behavior. However, with some careful calculation, regular doctor’s appointments and tempering of high strung reaction to challenge, Aries can keep charge of their own health.
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