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Scorpio: What Does Your Astrological Sign Say About Your Health Risks?


Scorpio (October 23rd—November 21st)

As one of the most intense and sexual personalities found among all the zodiac, Scorpios are not surprisingly governed by the sexual organs, urinary tract and pelvis. Due to their obvious highly sexual nature, it is not uncommon for Scorpios to have issues with sexual health. They may also be prone to urinary tract infections, kidney and bladder stones. However, despite the Scorpio’s predisposition for passion and obsession, they are also fixed and determined enough to establish control and discretion, therefore possibly preventing many of these avoidable conditions. Represented by the Scorpion, individuals born under this sign are often said to be secretive and magnetic people, and in their darker moments, forceful and manipulative. For future reference, it is best for the Scorpio’s best interest that they be aware how this behavior can negatively impact their lives, particularly their interpersonal relationships.

What Does Your Astrological Sign Say About Your Health Risks?

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2 Responses to Scorpio: What Does Your Astrological Sign Say About Your Health Risks?

  1. I have to be honest, none of these ailments seem to apply to me.

  2. 100% typical Scorpio chick here and I think it’s why I’ve had 2 (curable) STIs.

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