Self-Worth Digest


Do you think you have what it takes to give unsolicited, hairbrained advice through the medium of the world wide web? Do you feel overly-qualified to give armchair counseling to strangers, using only your personal bias, Wikipedia, and the most broad, generalizing strokes possible? Well you just may have a home here at Self-Worth Digest! Where quackery, and pseudo-psychiatry meet, run amuck, have babies, and eventually get arrested and charged with multiple felonies.

We only accept the best and brightest from the worst of the worst, so if you’re interested, please send the following to required materials to contribute(at)selfworthdigest(dot)com with the subject line “I want to write for Self-Worth Digest!”.

Required Materials For Applicants:
01. (4) Headline Ideas
02. Writing Samples (Experience with satire a plus!)
03. A short introduction about yourself so our editor-in-chief can harshly judge your character.

Perhaps you too can become a celebrated author in the annuals of Self-Help!