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5 Ways To Completely Avoid Feeling Guilt


AFRICAN-AMERICAN-COUPLE-ON-COUCH-DESPONDENT-SELF-WORTH-DIGEST-SMHave you ever knowingly done something that goes against the norms of society as well as your own morals? Likely, your answer is “yes”, and chances are high that it has negatively affected how you view yourself. Fortunately, that’s the natural reaction of a psychologically healthy mind. However, if you make these harmful thoughts towards yourself a chronic occurrence, you are certain to slip into the potentially lethal grasp of clinical depression, or other major mental ailments.

For your benefit, Self-Worth Digest has decided to put together a list of five tips to keep you feeling good about yourself despite your questionable behaviors!
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How-To: Translate Your Worries Into Analytical Thinking


anxiety-self-worth-digest-smThere’s an old saying my mother used to tell me, and that’s when you dwell on trouble, you make it double. In other words, worrying only breeds additional problems. Not only does it limit your ability to think creatively and craft solutions to your initial problem, but also it can interfere with your ability to get a good night’s rest, which can adversely affect every other aspect of your life.

However, with a little practice, you can train your mind to analytically dismantle your worries, and Self-Worth Digest is going to tell you how in seven easy steps!
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5 Natural Ways To Reduce Social Anxiety


overcoming-social-anxiety-self-worth-digest-smDo you second guess every utterance which comes from your stupid, stupid mouth, while mercilessly beating yourself up for what you have contributed to the conversation. All while attempting to maintain a facade of calm, confident sanity until you are completely exhausted, and just want to crawl into a dark, quiet room, far removed from the outside world?

We all feel awkward during social interactions from time to time. There’s a constant, gnawing worry that we’ll say something stupid in front of our peers, or we’ll over-analyze the conversation until it feels less like an enjoyable exchange of ideas, and more akin to an intense, life-threatening game of chess.

Fortunately for many of us who experience these perpetual feelings of inadequacy Self-Worth Digest has compiled a list of five safe, healthy ways to endure situations that involve one or more persons.
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