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5 Non Confrontational Ways To Avoid Familial Obligations During The Holidays


5-NON-CONFRONTATIONAL-WAYS-TO-AVOID-FAMILIAL-OBLIGATIONS-SWDEvery year, millions of Americans struggle with the stress and social pressures of performing and providing during the Christmas season. That’s why we here at Self-Worth Digest have come up with this list of 5 non confrontational ways to avoid familial obligations during the holidays!

Be it a short-term solution for an unexpected family gathering filled with questions about “what you’re doing with your life” and not-so-subtle inquiries about your paycheck or romantic interests, or a 3 year plan for permanent familial abandonment, we’ve got you covered!
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5 Methods For Training Your Mind, Body And Spirit To Get The Best Black Friday Deals


Sure, business experts predict that more people than ever will be avoiding the stores during this year’s Black Friday Sales, but what that ultimately means is there’s less competition for you! No online shopping or Cyber Monday deal will ever compare to the thrill of justifiably pushing people over and running down those incredible doorbuster savings! That’s why Self-Worth Digest has the top tips to get you in perfect shape for this Black Friday’s conquest of victory!
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5 Things To Do On Social Media Everyday


Social media is a huge part of our modern lives. We use it to connect with friends, family, even coworkers, and other acquaintances. It can be a magnificent tool in finding like-minded individuals, or networking with professionals in your field.

However, many people still feel hesitant when it comes to posting on their social media pages. This is no surprise, since sites such as Twitter and Facebook seem to meld with our everyday lives more and more each day. You read horror stories about people losing their careers due to something they posted on the internet several years ago, and wonder to yourself if that could potentially happen to you, and if it’s even worth engaging with the masses. Sometimes it appears there are so many pitfalls to expressing your opinion in an open forum that it seems better to keep things superficial, lest your own grandmother block you due to a post she doesn’t agree with.
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5 Natural Ways To Reduce Social Anxiety


Do you second guess every utterance which comes from your stupid, stupid mouth, while mercilessly beating yourself up for what you have contributed to the conversation. All while attempting to maintain a facade of calm, confident sanity until you are completely exhausted, and just want to crawl into a dark, quiet room, far removed from the outside world?

We all feel awkward during social interactions from time to time. There’s a constant, gnawing worry that we’ll say something stupid in front of our peers, or we’ll over-analyze the conversation until it seems less like an enjoyable exchange of ideas, and more akin to an intense, life-threatening game of chess.

Fortunately for many of us who experience these perpetual feelings of inadequacy Self-Worth Digest has compiled a list of five safe, healthy ways to endure situations that involve one or more persons.
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