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5 MORE Bizarre Health & Beauty Tips Used By A-List Actresses


Our first article ‘5 Bizarre Health & Beauty Tips Used By A-List Actresses’, garnered so much positive attention that the editors at Self-Worth Digest feel they would be doing the public a disservice by not following it up with part two! So here I am, Ariel Stasiak, happy to provide you with ‘5 MORE Bizarre Health & Beauty Tips Used By A-List Actresses’!

As we talked about in the original article, celebrities will jump through absurd hoops in order to maintain their good looks, as generally a celebrity’s success depends on their overall sex appeal. Some of the methods used by people in the upper echelons of society can seem downright insane to us common folk, but who are we to question the methods of living deities? And who would we be, as people on the internet, to withhold these insider tips from our loyal fans and readers!
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5 Ways To Charge Your Crystals On The Fly


Some people hold firm to the belief that, if used properly, certain crystals have beneficial properties for our physical, mental, and emotional health. I happen to be one of those people, and for all of us who understand the powerful healing capabilities of a properly charged crystal–but also the importance of being thrifty with your time–Self Worth Digest has provided its readers with, ‘5 Ways To Charge Your Crystals On The Fly!’
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5 Ways To Overcome Black Friday PTSD


If you are familiar with our previous article, ‘5 Methods For Training Your Mind, Body And Spirit To Get The Best Black Friday Sales‘, then you may be looking for ways to rid yourself of the post-doorbuster jitters.

From nightmares which cause you to awake up in a cold sweat, to complete changes in behavior, we here at Self-Worth Digest have compiled 5 ways to help cope with the Post Traumatic Stress Disorders often diagnosed following this great American holiday tradition!
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5 Methods For Training Your Mind, Body And Spirit To Get The Best Black Friday Deals


Sure, business experts predict that more people than ever will be avoiding the stores during this year’s Black Friday Sales, but what that ultimately means is there’s less competition for you! No online shopping or Cyber Monday deal will ever compare to the thrill of justifiably pushing people over and running down those incredible doorbuster savings! That’s why Self-Worth Digest has the top tips to get you in perfect shape for this Black Friday’s conquest of victory!
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5 Things To Do On Social Media Everyday


Social media is a huge part of our modern lives. We use it to connect with friends, family, even coworkers, and other acquaintances. It can be a magnificent tool in finding like-minded individuals, or networking with professionals in your field.

However, many people still feel hesitant when it comes to posting on their social media pages. This is no surprise, since sites such as Twitter and Facebook seem to meld with our everyday lives more and more each day. You read horror stories about people losing their careers due to something they posted on the internet several years ago, and wonder to yourself if that could potentially happen to you, and if it’s even worth engaging with the masses. Sometimes it appears there are so many pitfalls to expressing your opinion in an open forum that it seems better to keep things superficial, lest your own grandmother block you due to a post she doesn’t agree with.
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