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5 New Age Metaphysical Products You Never Knew Existed On Amazon!



01. AquaTherapy Terrarium/Aquarium Pendants

For when you need a small precious living creature carried around your neck to make you feel centered, these tiny, elegant little aquariums not only make unique statement pieces about how quirky and attached to nature you are, but likewise create wonderful meditative pieces. Nothing makes you feel more relaxed and unaware of your physical body than to have a piece of jewelry that you can smash on the floor and shatter into a thousand tiny shards! Containing a selection of “destination sand” seashell, crystal or semi-precious stone, along with a tiny bit marimo moss, the pendants from this particular seller are hand blown and highly personalized, allowing you to claim responsibility in their design!

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5 Ways To Charge Your Crystals On The Fly


Some people hold firm to the belief that, if used properly, certain crystals have beneficial properties for our physical, mental, and emotional health. I happen to be one of those people, and for all of us who understand the powerful healing capabilities of a properly charged crystal–but also the importance of being thrifty with your time–Self Worth Digest has provided its readers with, ‘5 Ways To Charge Your Crystals On The Fly!’
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