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5 Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive Online


5-WAYS-TO-MAKE-YOURSELF-MORE-ATTRACTIVE-ONLINE-SELF-WORTH-DIGEST-SMLooking to endear yourself to the online masses? Trying to increase your internet popularity or impress your friends and family from a safe distance?

No one really wants to know the “true you” anyway, so it’s best to turn up that window dressing of a personality, and check out these top tips gathered by our writers here as Self-Worth Digest to instantly make yourself more attractive online!
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A Millennial’s Guide To Self-Help


millennial-guide-to-self-help-self-worth-digest-sm01. Retail Therapy

Few things can satiate the throes of depression like splurging on material possessions that you don’t really need–but definitely want! If you’re lacking unfettered access to your parent’s bank account, look into getting a credit card of your own (they practically give these things away!) and MAX THAT SUCKER OUT!

Think of how exuberant you’ll feel while you blow thousands upon thousands of dollars that isn’t yours and you can’t afford! What medications and counseling can’t fix, certainly several pairs of designer shoes and an extra-large LED flat screen TV can!
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