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8 Awesome Holiday Gift Suggestions On Amazon



01. A Full Life: Reflections at 90, Jimmy Carter Autobiography

Do your friends or family REALLY know who Jimmy Carter is? Are they even aware he was a U.S. President? Read this warm and sleepy tell-all about President Carter’s rural Georgian upbringing, his mother complex, and his regrets at not asking his dear wife Rosalynn for permission to enter politics!


02. Actual Coal

Perfect for the poorly behaved person in your family, be it a small child or liberal art student Millennial! Comes in a tasteful Glacial Blue gift box, so no wrapping required!


03. Carrot Top: Rocks in Las Vegas

According to the product description, “no one who watches this DVD will be safe from his infectious humor”, making this perfect for the perpetually ill-tempered nihilist in your life. Editorial reviews of this DVD say there’s “plenty of embarrassment to spread around,” as Carrot Top performs his signature prop-heavy routine and celebrity impressions!


04. The Holy Qur’an (Two Part Gift Idea!)

A great gift for the traditional American Christmas atmosphere. Make sure to elevate this present above the floor as a sign of respect, and because holy indoctrinated texts become completely useless when they happen to touch the ground! English translated with Roman transliteration and the original Arabic.


We then suggest this next part to include the whole family and to bring back the festive air that was immediately sucked out of the room:

05. The Qur’an Challenge Game!

Put your newfound knowledge to the test! It’s a children’s game, so therefore it’s good for beginning adults and provides a level playing field. All answers are taken from the Qur’an itself, so players can look up and verify facts as they play!


06. Anne Frank Graphic Novel

A fun and edgy new way to engage reluctant and ungrateful pre-teens, or conscientious comic book readers in the harrowing narrative of Anne Frank, complete with traditional comic-style font and illustrations! This festive gift will be sure to provide an uplifting dose of reality for any unappreciative child, reminding them of their own fortunate circumstances!


07. Men’s Frisky Reindeer Sweater

One-up those highly inappropriate mounted reindeer sweaters with this next gift—
Perfect for either ugly Christmas sweater parties or a white elephant gift! Features a finger hole in the front pocket to control this randy reindeer’s junk, making it both entertaining and interactive. Kids will love it, and parents too!


08. Collectable Little Bill –My Talking Friend

Based on the lovable T.V. show created by the ever-family friendly Bill Cosby, this 16” doll will help boost your child’s self-esteem while reassuring them of the inherent wholesomeness in the world via Dr. Cosby’s message of trust and integrity!



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