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5 Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive Online


5-WAYS-TO-MAKE-YOURSELF-MORE-ATTRACTIVE-ONLINE-SELF-WORTH-DIGEST-SMLooking to endear yourself to the online masses? Trying to increase your internet popularity or impress your friends and family from a safe distance?

No one really wants to know the “true you” anyway, so it’s best to turn up that window dressing of a personality, and check out these top tips gathered by our writers here as Self-Worth Digest to instantly make yourself more attractive online!

Flatter Yourself

First thing’s first, literally make you, your face, body, identity, and lifestyle better than everyone around you. But not too much–just enough for them to be quietly envious of your awesome life. Make others aspire to have what you have, even if it means omitting the truth, or straight up lying. Use Instagram filters, and selectively chosen photographs to present only the most attractive aspects of yourself. Even consider going so far as to surround yourself with Instagram stars and fake online interactions via the use of some clever Photoshopping.

Get A Hobby

Find a target audience in a recreational activity, hobby, or the latest trend, and use that to garner as much attention, likes, follows and tweets as possible. Self-improvement undertakings such as fitness, beauty, or health cater towards our contemporary obsession with vanity. If you are more of an intellectual or humanitarian, consider joining a forum and voice your social and political views, which is an extremely popular thing to do these days, especially when we can so easily find those who would agree with us!

Manufacture A Personality

No one ever really changes, it’s practically impossible. That’s why we suggest simply making up a new personality to mask any of your defects, without resolving to actually correct them. This is an easy task to accomplish online, since you will have time to reflect and curate your words and thoughts, a benefit we don’t have in real life. Now everyone can marvel at how witty, and eloquent you are, making your online contemplations a true pleasure for all your follower’s feeds.

Keep Involved

That is, in everyone else’s drama! People are ultimately only interested in themselves, so this is a surefire way for you to become noticed. Take an interest in others by asking lots of questions about their personal life, especially if they’ve recently been posting about having made a poor choice. Be sure to publicize the details of private conversation, especially if it is socially, financially, or psychologically embarrassing because by now, you’ll be very well-liked and by dint of your public comments, anyone you talk about will automatically become part of your cabal of popularity. Surely your well-adjusted and perfectly balanced life will rub off on them, and your boundless sympathy and compassion will only compliment your online persona!

Perpetuate Your Own Misery

While people love positivity, it can quickly get old and tiresome—no one’s interested in reading about a perfect life. Make like any overproduced TV series and create some much needed variety and tension by engineering and even faking bad news! It is important to keep followers hooked by generating sympathy and concern, creating a thrill-ride roller-coaster of emotions sure to captivate your online audience. Follow up the negativity with uplifting messages, or teary soapbox speeches about overcoming adversity, while continually thanking people for their love and support.

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