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5 Ways To Charge Your Crystals On The Fly


Some people hold firm to the belief that, if used properly, certain crystals have beneficial properties for our physical, mental, and emotional health. I happen to be one of those people, and for all of us who understand the powerful healing capabilities of a properly charged crystal–but also the importance of being thrifty with your time–Self Worth Digest has provided its readers with, ‘5 Ways To Charge Your Crystals On The Fly!’

05. Put Your Crystals In The Microwave

Microwaves aren’t just for reheating leftovers anymore! The particular ‘F band’ frequency used in Microwave ovens is perfect for giving your stones the shock they need! Pop those rocks into your zapper and set it for ten seconds. Be careful, though! They might still be hot to the touch! Give them half an hour to cool before use. Then, voila! A fully charged crystal in a fraction of the time!

04. Run Your Crystals Under Lukewarm Tap Water

Water has its own magical properties, and no doubt is a major factor in the very essence of human life. Collect your crystals in a thin piece of fabric and hold them under the faucet for roughly five minutes. It is preferable that you use a water temperature which is comfortable to the touch, as it will more closely mimic the water temperature in your own body, and likewise, your connection to your crystals! Lukewarm water should do the trick nicely as a starting point!

03. Place Your Crystals In Front Of The TV Set

Televisions produce alpha waves which can be great for stimulating your magical gems. Next time you’re binge watching your favorite show on Netflix, distribute the stones evenly under the light of your TV set. This will soak them in alpha waves all while you catch up on those seasons you missed of House Of Cards before everyone found out Kevin Spacey was a total creep!

02. Place Your Crystals On Top Of Your Wifi Router

Similar to television’s production of alpha waves, and the microwave’s output of F-band frequencies, your wireless internet connection releases a similar energy which can be harnessed for your own personal use! These wifi signals are constantly cutting through us everywhere we go, but all the better if you can get it straight from the source! Give them five to ten minutes on top of your wifi router for a quick and easy charge!

01. Hold Your Crystals In Your Armpit

There’s nothing better for your crystals than holding them close to your body in a warm, secure area. Your armpit is perfect for this, as they can be comfortably held there, and having the stones pressed into such a vulnerable area of the body makes them more in tune with your Chi. For additional support consider wearing a makeshift sling which holds your non-dominate arm to your body as the crystals meld with your own vibrations. 30 minutes of this and expect a batch of fully charged crystals!

6 Responses to 5 Ways To Charge Your Crystals On The Fly

  1. Here is a better resource for people interested in charging crystals and their healing effects.

  2. folks who believe in this crystal magic stuff are just nutso!

    • Excuse me? “Nutso”? Just because YOUR mind isn’t open enough to believe in something does NOT invalidate it! I have cast SEVERAL powerful spells using the help of crystals. Tell me, how good is YOUR life? Because mine is excellent!

  3. People like to scoff at the healing benefits of crystals but if they actually gave it a shot I think they would truly notice a difference.

  4. LOL at ANY ONE who thinks crystals can “heal them”!!!!

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