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5 Things To Do On Social Media Everyday


Social media is a huge part of our modern lives. We use it to connect with friends, family, even coworkers, and other acquaintances. It can be a magnificent tool in finding like-minded individuals, or networking with professionals in your field.

However, many people still feel hesitant when it comes to posting on their social media pages. This is no surprise, since sites such as Twitter and Facebook seem to meld with our everyday lives more and more each day. You read horror stories about people losing their careers due to something they posted on the internet several years ago, and wonder to yourself if that could potentially happen to you, and if it’s even worth engaging with the masses. Sometimes it appears there are so many pitfalls to expressing your opinion in an open forum that it seems better to keep things superficial, lest your own grandmother block you due to a post she doesn’t agree with.

But there is no need for such feelings of insecurity, as Self-Worth Digest has found five time-tested methods for not only safely posting on social media, but potentially becoming a social media giant!

Hop On The Latest Outrage Bandwagon

Hashtags are a great way to find the safest social media items to be outraged over, easily giving you the appropriate topics to publicly vent your anger without fear of repercussion.

Show your followers how you’re part of the solution, and definitely not part of a growing problem by sharing the mainstream media’s current psyop with your friends and family! Pick a link from your favorite bias-confirming website, share that sucker and let the vitriol spew while never once stopping to question the legitimacy of these trending topics, or the agenda behind them!

Promote Your Own Pet Cause(s)

Once you’ve shared the current popular inhumanity with your social media pals, be sure to show them your depth and individuality by talking about whatever new pet cause you’ve currently been entertaining in your incredibly altruistic and saintly life! Be it breast cancer awareness, the effects of logging on indigenous peoples, or something as visually shocking as shoving images of animal cruelty in your friend’s feed so as to make everyone painfully aware of the horrors present throughout the world. Stare out into that digital void and yell, “I am a good person, damn it! One who is socially conscious, and cares about all sorts of stuff!”

Educate Others

It is just as important to spread awareness from your world wide soapbox as it is to go out on the frontline, and educate others regarding the ways in which their opinions are stupid, and wrong. On the internet, education comes in the form of being insufferably condescending, aloof and downright insulting. Be sure to attack the person’s intelligence, or their upbringing for added effect. These are your ONLY tools in communicating different perspectives on the net.

One great place to find people who are dangerously misguided in their outlook is to seek groups of people who are the polar opposite from yourself, and therefore wrong. Then start lighting into everyone with “facts”, witticisms and gratuitous links to dubious websites! You’ll be making the world a better place in no time!

Post Multiple Selfies

As we talked about in a previous article, ‘A Millennial’s Guide To Self-Help‘, posting a selfie makes for an incredible, and instantaneous ego boost. Show the different sides of your intricate personality with photos you’ve taken in a public restroom!

Few other online activities can provide the same rush as having a slew of internet acquaintances you rarely interact with–and would never want to meet in person–fawn over you with varying degrees of lechery.

Make Cryptic Posts About Current Issues In Your Life

It’s important to make incredibly cryptic posts about the current state of your life – which can obviously NEVER be perfect. Take those first world problems with you significant other (or lack thereof) and build them into a grandiose odyssey before projecting these issues onto the internet in the most opaque and esoteric manner possible!

That way you get the maximum amount of attention, as you leave your followers wondering if this is yet another histrionic outburst in a long line of meaningless posts, or if perhaps there is finally something seriously wrong in your life. Thereby making them seek more information from you in an attempt to gain some juicy gossip about another person’s misfortune!

Self-Worth Digest and it’s authors are not trained professionals in any field, and do not guarantee our guidance to be beneficial, or that any of the advice contained herein is cognitively sound. Click here to read our full disclaimer or follow this link for our list of legitimate mental health resources.

4 Responses to 5 Things To Do On Social Media Everyday

  1. This describes about 90% of the people on my feed.

  2. lol I know this is satire but i seriously do some of this stuff.

  3. Truly a wonderful and biting commentary on the current age of social media addiction. Disregard the irony that I saw this on FB.

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