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5 New Age Metaphysical Products You Never Knew Existed On Amazon!



01. AquaTherapy Terrarium/Aquarium Pendants

For when you need a small precious living creature carried around your neck to make you feel centered, these tiny, elegant little aquariums not only make unique statement pieces about how quirky and attached to nature you are, but likewise create wonderful meditative pieces. Nothing makes you feel more relaxed and unaware of your physical body than to have a piece of jewelry that you can smash on the floor and shatter into a thousand tiny shards! Containing a selection of “destination sand” seashell, crystal or semi-precious stone, along with a tiny bit marimo moss, the pendants from this particular seller are hand blown and highly personalized, allowing you to claim responsibility in their design!


02. Semi-Precious Stone and Baltic Amber Baby Teething Necklace

These semi-precious stone necklaces provide relief from teething while also dealing magical healing properties to your baby. In addition to a much easier teething process, you can also expect your newborn to gain other benefits from crystal therapy, such as protection, focus and strengthening latent psychic abilities. It is CPSC Certified, and made of Baltic Amber which is 100% natural and anti-inflammatory. This item is perfect for families promoting a natural baby upbringing! Select from up to 13 different stone and color combinations, such as labradorite and cherry, amethyst and honey, or lemon and mother of pearl for a tasteful and wholesome organic baby gift!


03. Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs for Women’s Health

The yoni egg is similar to ben wa balls, which is inserted into your womanhood and held in place by the pelvic muscles for a natural Kegal exercise aid. However, unlike ben wa balls, these are made from all-natural materials and provide beneficial crystal healing of your femininity. Rose Quartz is known for it’s vibrational strength, emitting waves of love, healing, and warmth, making a great replacement for personal massagers! And while there are certainly more affordable Yoni Egg kits on the market right now, we selected this one for its certification of being masterfully handcrafted without the use of any chemicals or waxes–because it’s important to know something is certified before popping it up your lily! It also includes 3 different sized eggs for when your pelvic floor muscles advance, along with a brush for cleaning the sufficiently drilled holes (in the eggs, of course) and plenty of unwaxed dental floss for retrieval strings.


04. Orgone Tower Busters

These bizarre and alien looking devices are among some of the most unique metaphysical products we’ve seen thus far! A beautiful combination of various metals, bionized crystals and colorful resin make up orgonite, a man-made material specifically engineered to help amplify human bioenergy. Also known as “orgone”, you can research this fascinating and completely scientific subject to have a DIY, personalized experience, or just read the glowing testimonials of these “tower busters”. Reviewers claim that upon receiving their purchase, they experienced better sleep and the removal and negative energy from their homes! Even better, they don’t seem to interfere with your Wi-Fi router, so no worries concerning your internet signal! They also make wonderful gifts, boosting intuitive and psychic abilities as well as plant growth with their 528 Hz frequency!


05. Quartz Crystal Tuning Fork

Many products in the metaphysical and New Age departments are considered to be cheap, useless snake-oil by even some of the most devout practitioners. It is important to be a discerning customer these days. Nobody wants chakra stones with negative, stagnant energy or a rune set that doesn’t even work, so it’s best to look to the high-end portion of the consumer scale. The more money involved means a more effective meditative aid, right? That’s why we included this artisanal crafted Quartz Crystal Tuning fork on our list! Instead of mussing about with 7 different sizes of Tibetan Singing Bowls, just get this luxurious meditative aid and boost your chakra’s sensitivity in minutes!


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  1. it might sound kooky but give it a shot

  2. lol I actually own a set of the yoni eggs and would suggest them to any ladies out there reading this

  3. its crazy the stuff u can find on amazon

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