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5 MORE Bizarre Health & Beauty Tips Used By A-List Actresses


Our first article ‘5 Bizarre Health & Beauty Tips Used By A-List Actresses’, garnered so much positive attention that the editors at Self-Worth Digest feel they would be doing the public a disservice by not following it up with part two! So here I am, Ariel Stasiak, happy to provide you with ‘5 MORE Bizarre Health & Beauty Tips Used By A-List Actresses’!

As we talked about in the original article, celebrities will jump through absurd hoops in order to maintain their good looks, as generally a celebrity’s success depends on their overall sex appeal. Some of the methods used by people in the upper echelons of society can seem downright insane to us common folk, but who are we to question the methods of living deities? And who would we be, as people on the internet, to withhold these insider tips from our loyal fans and readers!

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz has said in interviews that she maintains her healthy glow by avoiding peanuts–but not for the reasons one might expect. On a trip to Haiti she learned of a local superstition wherein the consumption of peanuts robs a person of their spiritual energy, while shortening their lifespan.

Meryl Streep

Something most Hollywood A-Listers won’t tell you about is Meryl Streep’s chronic halitosis. She combats this unfortunate curse with a little known secret said to eliminate rancid breath. Every night Streep gargles with a combo of Sprite, Listerine, and organic apple cider vinegar. This mixture is said to eat away at the bacteria which causes ‘stank mouth’. It is also important to note that no formal scientific studies have been performed to back these claims, and this cure can currently only be filed under the header of an Old Wive’s Tale, but an Old Wive’s Tale this this multiple Oscar winner absolutely swears by!

Charlize Theron

Gravity is a harsh mistress. Charlize Theron keeps lady gravity from taking a toll on her incredible bust by always using a custom-made rolling frame as a sling for each breast. By always keeping them elevated in such a way she believes those sweater puppies will maintain their youthful shape well into her 60’s!

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a huge fan of using battered egg yolks instead of expensive, and sometimes chemical-heavy hand creams. She allegedly rests her hands in the cold, slimy mixture before allowing it to dry on her hands for another 30 minutes. This is followed by a thorough hand washing, revealing soft, youthful mits! Just be careful not to consume any of the raw egg, as it could give you salmonella!

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus puts on high energy shows, and is known for partying just as hard as she rocks the stage. Body odor is a major concern in her line of work as well as her personal life. She applies a liberal helping of toothpaste to her armpits and other problem areas to combat perspiration and general body odor!

Would you like another 5 Bizarre Beauty Tips Used By A-List Actresses? Or do you know a celebrity’s secret weapon for staying youthful? Share it with us in the comments below!

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  1. where the hell am i at?

  2. Streep is DISGUSTING!

  3. If celebs really think any of this crap works then I have a bridge to sell them in NY!

  4. my family original come from haiti. always taught growing up no eat peanuts. they unhealthy. they also make age faster. wise diaz.

  5. famous people are ridiculous

  6. YES! More of these please!

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