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5 Makeup Hacks You’ve Never Heard Of


5-make-up-hacks-self-worth-digest-smJust about everyone from casual makeup enthusiasts to the most experienced cosmetic professionals has heard the tape trick for creating a perfectly straight cat-eyeliner, but have you heard of these hacks on our list? Keep reading to find out new and unique ways to up your contour game or to troubleshoot makeup mishaps in a pinch!


Use a plastic spoon to create the perfect eye shadow crease. This is a foolproof way to fake an artificial crease (especially if you don’t have one), as the ideal feminine eye is actually the same shape as the outside edge of a spoon! Don’t worry about replicating the exact same angle on the opposite eye, because remember: eyes are sisters, not twins!

Burning It Up

Change the consistency of your stiff, hard-to-use and hopelessly out-of-date eyeliner pencil by holding it over an open flame for a few seconds. It will change consistency almost immediately, making it perfect for a retro-90’s smudgy eye! Feel free to experiment with this technique with chalky lipsticks, lip liners and highlighters to create a flawlessly gooey and greasy look, especially from high-dollar brand names!


Is your 2 year old tube of hyper lengthening, super volumizing mascara drying out, and you are too cheap to throw down a few dollars to replace it with a fresh one? We have the perfect Band-Aid solution: Extend the life of your desperately clumpy mascara with a few drops of contact solution! Just mix it in, and for extra workability, gently heat it up in the microwave or warm it in your armpit.

Bonus tip: Get extra leg work out of your favorite mascara by liberally rubbing baby powder over your lashes in between each layer, creating a desirable clumpy, cakey effect!

Glitter Nails

If you have chipped nail polish, but not enough time to redo your entire manicure, we recommend touch ups with a tried and true Buzzfeed favorite: just put some glitter on it! Either use a glitter nail polish or loose glitter with your favorite top coat to cover up chips, gouges and other flaws to disguise your inherent laziness and/or inability to coat your nails properly, despite the fact that glitter polish is infamously hard to remove. You can also use this technique repeatedly until all the original color is gone, leaving nothing but your new, difficult to remove glitter polish!

Forking It Over

Use a fork for your tedious nose highlight. One of the hardest things to accomplish in make up, besides completely altering your natural appearance, is to draw a straight line about one inch in length, which is especially true on your nose! Get the perfect needle-nosed contour by tracing your highlight with a fork! Just press the space between the spokes down the center of your nose and voila! An infallible way to devastate everyone with your precision, because if you can’t draw a straight line, you’ll for sure be able to hold a fork at a perfect dead-center on your face!

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