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5 Bizarre Health & Beauty Tips Used By A-List Actresses


Celebrities can be known for their strange, and almost otherworldly grooming habits. Throughout the 80’s, Michael Jackson chose to sleep in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, believing it would lengthen his lifespan. The critically acclaimed singer, songwriter, and actress, Mariah Carey, says she only eats “purple foods”, such as grapes, and eggplants, in order to maintain her dynamite figure.

When cameras are in your face 24 hours a day, it’s only natural to want to look your best, and most celebs will use any means necessary to maintain their fresh-faced good looks. A combination of unlimited income and supernatural levels of vanity fuel their desire to obtain that impossible goal of everlasting youth. Sometimes the methods can be a bit… outlandish, to say the least. Here are the five most peculiar beauty tips A-List Actresses have admitted to using.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow claims she eats up to four raw Ecuadorian Banana Weevil grubs every morning during a light breakfast. The proteins from these banana-flavored grubs are said to keep an individual’s bowel movements regular, and Paltrow has attested to their benefits in several interviews.

Jennifer Conley

Aside from her breathtaking acting abilities, Jennifer Conley is perhaps second most famous for her lush, natural eyebrows. She maintains their glossy sheen by applying a thin layer of vaseline to her forehead before over them before bed to ensure those face caterpillars stay thick and soft throughout the following day.


A Hollywood secret for tooth whitening that pop star Pink is all too happy to share to the groveling, insignificant masses is a congealed mixture of coffee grounds, baking soda and water. The chemical reaction between the three compounds eat away at tarter buildup, and manage to keep those chompers pearly white.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry swears by a mixture of apple cider vinegar and the urine of a female puppy when it comes to eradicating toe calluses and foot fungus. The lack of hormones in the puppy urine, combined with vinegar, is said to do wonders for softening the feet before filing off callouses.

Emilia Clarke

There are specific acids in the Dijon Mustard Seed which make for an extremely effective skin peel. That’s why ‘Game of Thrones’ star, Emilia Clarke, applies a full Dijon mustard face mask up to three times a week for the purpose of sloughing dry skin through exfoliation.

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  1. I’ve done the baking soda tooth brush trick for a while now, but who am I to question a celebrity? Coffee grounds here I come!

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