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5 Alternative Ways to Wrap Your Christmas Presents


4-holiday-season-hacks-self-worth-digest-smSo, you have searched the far corners of Amazon during Cyber Monday, and picked out 20 of the same generic and thoughtless stocking stuffers, but it just doesn’t seem like enough, does it? How can you make everyone feel as though you’ve spent hours upon hours boring over the presentation of gifts while detracting from how little individual thought you actually put into them? Everyone has seen cute and unique alternatives to wrapping papers, such as butcher’s paper, old wall paper, or the Sunday comics, but these five unique suggestions on our list will be sure to let your family and friends know how truly considerate and quirky you really are!

Upcycled Popcorn Tubs

Gift baskets are very popular this season, and are a great way to buy gifts for the entire family without actually having to make purchases for individual people. Save a little money and earn bonus hipster points for your resourceful and environmentally conscious attitude by repurposing used jumbo popcorn tubs from your local movie theater! Just keep a consistent theme, wrap it in a transparent plastic gift bag and slap a big red bow on it! Your friends will be sure to comment on its adorably cheesy aesthetic, buttery aroma and lingering greasy residue, subtly reminding them of how you are unable to afford an actual giftbasket.

Glitter Bomb Giftwrap

Due to the inherent stylishness that this particular crafting material has and the holiday season’s predilection for shimmer and shine, we turn to the multifaceted and ever-present glitter! From on-trend Buzzfeed hairstyling videos, to glamorous Pintrest hacks, glitter solves any aesthetic short-comings.
Fill the insides of your gift boxes, bags and wrapped packages with mountains of glitter–Then wait for the look of surprise from your friends and loved ones as they open their gifts in an explosion of sparkles and razzle-dazzle!
(Pro Tip: For those of you who can’t stand glitter, substitute it with tiny Styrofoam balls resulting in a fun and impossible-to-clean surprise as your guests try to extract their presents from the statically-charged insides of a beanbag chair.)

Recycled Chip Bags

Some people like to claim they don’t buy junk food at the grocery store, but we all know that isn’t true. Use up all your contraband potato chip bags in an ironically hypocritical and glamorous way to wrap your gifts! Just rinse them out, dry them and turn them inside out! Fun-sized bags are perfect for stocking stuffers, while regular and the unabashed family-sized bags can be turned into shiny, glam little gift bags or taped together for wrapping paper with a fun, glistening foil effect. Write the recipient’s name in bold, black Sharpie and look up tutorials to turn potato chip bags into bows to complete the look.

Fast Food Wrappers

Yet another guilty pleasure can easily be turned into a great way to garner misdirection and laughs, though this time, instead in hiding the logo, display it proudly with this next suggestion. Whether it is McDonalds, Burger King, or Carl’s Jr, just reuse those old sandwich boxes and bags to their fullest, grease-soaked potential. Unused napkins will make great, impromptu tissue paper and add a convincing sense of attention to detail, despite the fact you only took 3 minutes in the back of your Honda assembling this unique and unexpected holiday wrapping!

Put Your Vice On Showcase

For those pack-a-day smokers out there, our next suggestion is to upcycle all your empty cigarette packs by cutting them apart and taping them back together to create a truly personalized form of giftwrap! You’re sensing a pattern, aren’t you? Just use whatever common refuse is generated by your unhealthy addictions, and turn it into a humorous, kitschy and self-deprecating commentary about both your morbid habits and the fact you hear about it every holiday. Tired of listening to people complain about your smoking, or getting well-meaning suggestions to kick the habit? Turn the tables on your nosy relatives and get even with their passive-aggressive criticisms by making it an unbearable elephant in the room!
(Pro tip: Fieldstrip your cigarette butts to make a quaint and affording substitute for packing peanuts or tissue paper!)

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  1. inside out chip bags had me rolling! LOL

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